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Broadmeadows Driving School boasts the highest 1st time pass rate of all driving schools in Broadmeadows Vic. A local, professional and affordable driving school offering the cheapest driving lessons and packages in Broadmeadows. All driving instructors are VTD licenced, approved and highly recommended. Our Broadmeadows driving instructors have undergone an extensive training program, and are specialists in their field.
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Broadmeadows Driving School sets the standard for all driving schools in Broadmeadows Vic. Learn to drive in Broadmeadows with little or no experience. Our driving instructors are patient, friendly and supportive. Learner drivers are taught a modern style of driving. During your driving lessons we cover the Vicroads testing routes and procedures with a full explanation of what to expect on your driving test. Bring your log book.
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You have your overseas licence and want to make a quick and cheap overseas licence conversion to a Victorian licence. You know how to drive. Many overseas drivers have been driving in Broadmeadows for months and some for years. A cheap overseas licence conversion is all you want from a driving school. Look at our cheap and affordable driving lessons and packages. Book your driving test at any Vicroads location and call us.
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Offering a great range of cheap driving packages including tests in Broadmeadows to suite everyone from new learner drivers to confident drivers who have booked their Vicroads drive test already. Many Broadmeadows driving schools require you do extensive driving lessons prior to the Vicroads drive test. Presenting the alternative with a variety of short & cheap driving lessons & packages including driving tests at any Vicroads.
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With Broadmeadows Drive School you can expect the following:

Meeting at Broadmeadows Vicroads Is Best

It's best to meet your driving instructor at Broadmeadows Vicroads in order to conduct the driving lessons on the actual Vicroads testing routes (We have a higher driving test pass rate this way). Getting to know the official Broadmeadows testing routes and test format gives you a massive advantage to passing the driving test. Each testing route takes around 45 – 60 minutes to complete including clarifying student mistakes (whether you are a learner driver of overseas driver). Picking up and dropping off from your location may take up to 30 minutes leaving us with insufficient time to complete a full testing route within that driving lesson. If you cannot make it to Vicroads you may consider:

Our prices are the same for all driving lessons and tests in Broadmeadows regardless of pick up point.

We Offer 45 Minute Packages However

We offer 45 minute lesson packages however we recommend the 60 minute driving lesson packages. With the 45 minute lesson packages it's essential to meet your allocated driving instructor in Broadmeadows Vicroads. Each testing route takes a minimum of 45 minutes to complete. Getting to know the official Broadmeadows testing routes gives you a big advantage to passing the driving test..

Our Car by Law

All driving lessons and the Broadmeadows Vicroads driving test must be done in our driving instructor’s car by law as our cars are dual control. Our driving instructors cannot to use your car.

Licence Guarantee

Licence Guaranteed/Retest Free is a gimmick. Some Broadmeadows driving schools claim they guarantee your licence. No driving school in Broadmeadows or anywhere in Melbourne can guarantee your licence as you are being tested by an independent Vicroads testing officer and unless you fulfil your driving requirement you will not be granted a Victorian Driver Licence. Some Broadmeadows driving schools have fine print stating they will not guarantee/retest free if during your driving test you have made an "immediate termination error (immediate fail)" or fail through making multiple "critical errors (fail)". Nearly ALL driving test fails happen in this way. This type of conduct is misleading and unfair to clients and it is not how we do business.

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